2017 National Congress – Reflection Seven

Welcome to the seventh Reflection ahead of our 2017 National Congress, which is now just around the corner.

Next Friday, we will come together as Vincentians to consider how we, as a Society, got to where we are today, and in what direction our future together will take us. We would like to thank you once again for participating in our reflective journey these last few weeks. Your openness, honesty and passion has made our anticipation for next weekend and it’s outcomes even greater.

In our last Reflection, we asked you to consider some of the challenges that the Society is currently facing, and what might be done to solve the one you feel to be most prominent. Your responses tell us that although all of the challenges considered are very real and worthy of the Society’s attention, the thing Vincentians feel most passionately about is helping our Companions change their circumstances by delivering on our ‘hand-up’, rather than a ‘hand-out’ promise.

Our ministry should be akin to modern-day “teaching a person to fish”, but for many of us it can often feel as though all we’re able to do is to “give a person a fish”. There is no miracle solution to this challenge, but together as Vincentians, we have the ability to solve it. Below are just a few of the solutions to this challenge that came out of your previous Reflection.

  • Provide financial counselling services for our Companions
  • Work closely with other organisations and agencies who exist to support Companions in the ways that we do not
  • Facilitate more community events such as playgroups, youth groups, and morning teas
  • Upskill conference members to be able to identify the real problems and needs of Companions quickly
  • Look at how we can develop evidence-based approaches to our ministry using the data we actively and passively collect

At the moment these solutions are just ideas. In order for these ideas, and the many others that will come out of Congress, to become tangible outcomes for both the Society and our Companions, we will need you to get behind those that you believe in.

Today, in recognition of the commitment we will all need to undertake following Congress, we invite you take these potential solutions into consideration, and reflect on the below questions. Please submit your answers via this link:

  1. Which solutions do you believe you could personally champion amongst your conference and community members?
  2. What resources, support or assistance do you feel that you would need in order for your chosen
    initiatives to be adopted within your conference?
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