Congress Working Group Updates

Congress Working Group Update March 2019

Since the St Vincent de Paul Society’s National Congress was held in October 2017, Vincentians have been busy devising strategies to pilot for action.

Projects have been defined and project sponsors have been appointed to lead the implementation of these projects. An overview is provided in the implementation plan.

Implementation of the congress projects will see the following established in the Society by July 2022.

Ideas Innovation Lab

A design and ideas platform to promote creative ideas, build collaborative methods across distances and profile ways of working that have traction.

Flexible volunteering program

A volunteer program that attracts a new group of people to the Society.

Emerging Young Vincentian Leaders Program

A nationally recognised leadership program that gives young Society members a chance to be accredited in certain skills/areas.

21st Century Leadership program

A program for both emerging and established leaders in the Society to create initiatives and build skills.

Upskilled members to better meet needs of our companions

Upskill members and volunteers to provide better support for the Society’s companions.

Society coaching program

Targeting various groups to identify ways each group can better experience each other’s role in the Society.

Spiritual mentoring network

A network of spiritual advisors that can support all volunteers/members to grow their spiritual intelligence while they deliver the Society’s services.

Conference Connect

A pairing program for conferences to foster growth across distances, learning from each other and building new ways of tackling local issues.

Declaration for the Future

A manifesto of core values beliefs and attitudes that alights the Society around a refreshed perspective of why people engage with it.

Vinnies Voice Box

Powerful stories of social change through digital media.

National Data Steering Committee

To decide on best practices and address emerging issues and needs.

Collective Impact Framework

Centralised infrastructure to tackle deeply entrenched and complex social problems.

To bring these projects to fruition, your help would be very much appreciated. If you are interested to be involved in a particular project, please contact the Congress Team.

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